Here you go Ingrid! Also, we scheduled a follow up for Nov 4th at 11am-2pm but I was wondering if we could reschedule it to a Friday starting 1pm or later? I apologize for the change but my work hours changed so I can’t do Tue now.

  1. I have been extremely satisfied with the results of the Cool Sculpting technique provided by Ingrid at Boutique Aesthetics. My postpartum midsection and thigh area were the problem areas that were addressed as I was having trouble slimming these areas down after the birth of my second child. During the consultation session, Ingrid took measurements and came up with a treatment plan to address these areas. So far I’ve completed the first set of treatments to address each of these areas and I’ve gone from a size 6-8 back down to a size 4 and have even lost 5lbs!
  2. What stands out to me is the one-on-one service Ingrid provided during my Cool Sculpting sessions. She was very thorough as well as informative during her consultation session so that I knew what to expect from the treatments and how it felt. In addition, the care and concern she always showed me to make sure I was comfortable, even providing me with snacks during my session, shows how much she cares about her clients.
  3. If you want a way to loose fat and keep it off safely and noninvasively then you need to try Cool Sculpting!
  4. No suggestions. I will continue to tell everyone about this great procedure. Thank you Ingrid for all of your help and support. Best of luck and continued success in your business 🙂


I had a great experience with Ingrid Vimont and the CoolSculpting procedure. I had very strong results. The process eliminated my oversize stomach. Over the years, I had what is referred to as a beer belly. Even though I do not drink beer and eat healthy, my body was not ideal. I will share my progress based on a time line.

  • About 5 years ago, at age 38, I began focusing on my excess weight and body shape. After a Doctor’s visit where my blood pressure was 165/138, a stern discussion with my Doctor, I set out with daily exercise! This was hard work. I began running 5 days per week. I lost nearly 45 pounds after running for 2 years. My blood pressure was 120/75. My body became healthy. But my large belly remained.
  • One year ago, 4 years after I began daily exercise, I started treatments in addition to the daily exercise and also started lifting weights with a personal trainer. However, this alone still would NOT remove my large stomach. No matter how hard I ran, no matter how hard I worked.
  • I completed a treatment called Advanced FX Laser one year ago. It removed one inch around my waistline and seemed to work a little. I went in and received a second treatment and it had NO effect this time.
  • Three months ago I completed the CoolSculpting procedure with Ingrid. She explained my body would start removing the dead fat cells at about 5 weeks. At 5 1/2 weeks I began to despair. No change. But then… suddenly… each and every day I woke up and weighed myself and with no change in diet or exercise, I lost 3 pounds each morning. After the 6th straight day of this, I went to take a shower and was in shock. My belly was just…. gone.

Very pleased with Ingrid’s comfortable office and pleasant demeanor. She sets expectations just right and very direct and straight with opinions and results. This was a much less expensive treatment than Advanced FX and I had no pain or discomfort with this.

I recently did a second treatment to target some side areas and lower area that could use one more small hit. But I am thrilled that my oversized stomach, beer belly has been eliminated by CoolSculpting. I can personally vouch for this process. It provided solid, obvious results.

My waist size was 41 and belt size 35. After the procedure, my waist is 35 and my belt size is 33. Only a 2 inch diameter differential. This is a normal, flat stomach.

Just last week, my abdominal muscles have started becoming visible. I set the expectation to lose this huge beer belly/stomach, but never in my wildest dreams expected ABS!!!

Only 2 treatments with CoolSculpting and I have achieved what I thought was impossible. A healthy fit body with no oversized stomach! Hats off to Ingrid and CoolSculpting!

– Woody
(Age 44, 3 months post Coolsculpting treatment with 2 CoolMax, weight -15)

Coolsculpting for Men Bellevue

I am in pursuit of “washboard” abs. This procedure puts me a bit closer to making that wish a reality! I have had 11 treatments around my waist (4), “love handles”(2 on left side, 1 on right side), left and right mid-section and both “moobs”. All treated areas show signs of reduction – subtle but very noticeable to me. My abs are not washboard but noticeable as more than just my belly (my personal trainer is helping me get to washboard status!) I look and feel years younger! -Paul Beddall

CoolSculpting Results Boutique Aesthetics Bellevue
CoolSculpting Results Boutique Aesthetics Bellevue WA

“At 58, I am finally going to wear a bikini this summer thanks to Coolsculpting. I never had much of a waist. With the clinical expertise of Ingrid and scientifically based, safe technology, I now have a waistline minus the “love handles” to feel more confident to wear certain clothing I wouldn’t wear before. Coolsculpting is an ideal for the busy person wanting to shape their body with no cutting or downtime.”



My hubby told me I was beautiful and glowing…wow 






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