Ingrid Vimont, R.N.INGRID VIMONT, R.N.

Before moving to the Bellevue area, Ingrid Vimont grew up in Portland, Oregon where she completed her clinical RN education and training.  After graduating from Nursing School, Ingrid moved to San Diego where she spent 3.5 years as a NICU flight nurse.  She then jumped into another exciting career opportunity to use her advanced clinical skills as a clinical sales professional and then spring-boarded that into sales management and clinical operations management.


After years of “watching” the aesthetics industry grow and improve, Ingrid jumped at the exciting opportunity to become and “owner/operator” of a CoolSculpting system and then made a thrilling career change to make “Beauty a Career”! This is where Ingrid and Dr. Erik Suh blended their common business acumen and commitment to beauty into a great business relationship. Ingrid is a Certified CoolSculpting Specialist.


Interested in the medical aspects of body sculpting and “treatment to transformation” through the CoolSculpting procedure, Ingrid specializes in helping her patients look their best and meet their treatment goals.  Following her career-long love and aptitude for teaching and training.  The “teaching’ part of patient care comes naturally. The goal is a friendly, informative consultation that yields a realistic treatment plan for body sculpting.

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